AUSTRALIA – Derby, the Kimberleys – Day 18 – 9th June 2017

The bus arrived at 8.15 to take me the short distance to the airport. Other busses had arrived; a group were returning from an overnight stay at the falls. This is a big business. Four sea planes were lined up, each holding about 15 passengers. The pilot offered me the co-pilot seat being alone (on […]

AUSTRALIA – Derby, the Kimberleys – Day 16 – 7th June 2017

We were pleasantly surprised by the length of the sealed part on the Gibb road from Derby to the Windjana turn, about 70% of the 130km. The few the dirt sections are good all the way except for some from Windjana to Tunnel Creek, 35km. This will change frequently. We were fortunate to have this […]

AUSTRALIA – Derby, the Kimberleys – Day 15 – 6th June 2017

After a 3hr boring drive to Derby I was surprised by it’s size and the well kept main street, including a large Woolworths. We were booked into Birdwood Downs, a station 10km east on the Gibb River road. The web has little detail but it looked good – horse riding, a riding school, camp kitchen, […]

AUSTRALIA – Fitzroy, The Kimberleys – Day 12 – 3rd June 2017

A walk through in the morning confirmed the appearance. Despite this, the huge Boabs, many trees, and garden show a past grandeur that reduces the poor maintenance. It is close on the banks of the river, and erosion is creeping near. Geikie Gorge is 20km on a paved road. Four walks can be explored and […]