AFRICA- The Mara, Entim Camp, Kenya – 22nd Sept 2018 – Day 9

Last morning. I’m met as usual on my tent path by a warrior with a torch to light my way to the media tent, even though the path is lit dimly by the small converted paraffin lanterns. Its cooler than usual, birds are calling, doves cooing, francolin hooting, and the hippo bellowing and grunting. “In […]

AFRICA- The Mara, Entim Camp, Kenya – 21st Sept 2018 – Day 8

A good morning! Lions, leopards, a herd of wildebeest stretching for 2 km (which we didn’t follow as the leopard was of more interest), eland, buffalo, hyena, meerkat, ‘blue jeans’ topi (because of the blue legs), impala, and other antelope. The topi are amusing as they tend to stand motionless on a high point eg […]

AFRICA- The Mara, Entim Camp, Kenya – 20th Sept 2018 – Day 7

Today was largely a bird day: lilac breasted rollers, one of which caught and swallowed a small snake, a red legged spur, yellow bill oxpecker, coqui francolin, and yellow throated warbler, and a pair of north African, pink necked and legged ostriches. And antelope were everywhere. However, we had several hours following five cheetahs, accompanied […]

AFRICA- The Mara, Entim Camp, Kenya – 19th Sept 2018 – Day 6

Another good morning. As we drove we brushed against bushes (lipica japonica) than gave a gorgeous smell I can remember. Started with a lioness, but we quickly raced off as a cheetah had been spotted. She (Amani) would occasionally stare down the vast plain below, looking for an opportunity, then lie down again. The kittens […]

AFRICA- Flight to Kenya – 15th Sept 2018 – Day 2

Arrival Jo’burg 30mins late at 5:20am. The airport is easy to get around; we had to change from Terminal A to Terminal B. David bought us into the Emirates lounge for the showers, wifi, and food – not that we needed it. Egoli or Jozi – the Gold City. The gold is almost all mined […]

AFRICA- Flight to Kenya – 14th Sept 2018 – Day 1

Midnight flight departures are not my favourite. Today we leave at 23:45. What a way to start a 5 week trip. 11 hrs to Jo’burg, a 5 hr wait, and 4 hrs to Nairobi, arriving today at 3pm, 5hrs behind the Perth Time Zone. I should be excited; instead I’m anxious, leaving Hilary to run […]

AFRICA- Preparation – 9th to 13th Sept 2018

9th – Under a week to go and I’m still not ready. The main bag has stuff thrown over it, the camera bag is empty. Still need cash, and an international license. Several tasks around the house to do. Worst of all, I’m still not comfortable with the cameras regarding changing functions quickly. Sigh. 12th […]