AFRICA- The Mara, Entim Camp, Kenya – 20th Sept 2018 – Day 7

Today was largely a bird day: lilac breasted rollers, one of which caught and swallowed a small snake, a red legged spur, yellow bill oxpecker, coqui francolin, and yellow throated warbler, and a pair of north African, pink necked and legged ostriches. And antelope were everywhere.

However, we had several hours following five cheetahs, accompanied by 20 other cars. I captured a shot of one chasing an impala. I just happened to focus on the impala as it was clearly agitated, when the cheetah suddenly showed up. Of only 4 rapid shots, only one fuzzy shot shows the two racing animals, the impala at full stretch just before capture. They are beautiful, graceful animals.

We also spent an hour at a Maasai village on the edge of the reserve, which turned out to be a lot more interesting and fun than I anticipated. Colourful dress, dancing, customs, and of course the objects for sale (I held back owing to the big purchase yesterday). The village is set around a large (50m) circle, guarded by a brush fence and 3 gates. We were taken into one of the small huts, a square pole & mud building with a flat straw roof (it must rain inside).  Despite the size, it is divided into several small ‘rooms’ with tiny holes for windows, so its dark. Very tidy and clean. I also wonder where they get water and where is the toilet? We were treated to the jumping dance, and a ‘Happy Birthday’ song for me (arranged by David?), followed by a demonstration of fire sticks. They rely on our gifts and sales as they cannot grow food owing to the animals. I suspect this is a model village but still worth the visit.

Late afternoon found us with a large elephant family plodding along, as we continually drove ahead to catch them from the front, and later silhouettes were again on the agenda with a giraffe and zebras. An eagle clung high in a tree and didnt move even when we drove underneath.

We had another image review, where I did ‘ok’.

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