Wednesday 22 Jan 2020 – Kawaguchiko

My next photo spot was Oshino Hakkai, or “Eight Seas”, the eight pools of water that are the main attraction at here. Bridges and pathways lead around and over these mineral-rich spring ponds surrounded by traditional thatched roof buildings, slowly spinning water wheels, and an amazing view of Mt. Fuji. Many restaurants, souvenir shops and […]

Tuesday 21 Jan 2020 – Kawaguchiko

Several places are recommended for good views of iconic Mt Fuji which is the tallest mountain of Japan and an active volcano, peaking at 3,776 meters. Today I hoped to shoot from several spots around the lakes. I drove a short way to the small carpark on a peninsula on the eastern side of the […]

Monday 20 Jan 2020 – Narita to Kawaguchiko

Kawaguchiko sits around a series of lakes 15km north of Mt Fuji and 110km west of Tokyo. I allowed 2.5 days here, the absolute minimum, as there are several sights to visit. We have lost the half day as we missed the bus to Kawaguchi, waiting on the upper departure level instead of the lower […]

Sunday 19 Jan 2020 – Bangkok to Narita

Up at 4.30. I have been awake since 1am worrying about the d… keys. At the airport I looking for the check-in desk, I couldn’t find my phone which now has everything as I decided to not carry paper. I was devastated. At the desk we had to provide details about our flight to Brisbane. […]

Saturday 18 Jan 2020 – Perth to Bangkok

We left Perth on Thai Air on a two-leg journey to Tokyo as direct flights were unavailable (ANA started in Oct 2019). This is a short trip, mainly for Hilary to attend the International Quilt show, but also to see Mt Fuji with a snow cover. Flying is so boring. To pass the time, I […]

Australia – B&B – 10th Dec 2018

What a day! It started at 6.45 am and ended at 11pm. Running a B&B is not all fun; a lot is work. We had three rooms occupied by a Singaporean family – husband, wife,father, and mother, plus two energetic boys about 5. They arrived at 11pm as the plane was delayed. I met them […]

Australia – B&B – 3rd Nov 2018

We had two local young women here, celebrating school end for one. The most awkward breakfast I have experienced, as they were engrossed in each other. Guests usually engage us by asking for information on places they intend to visit, and about our B&B experience. I tried to encourage this but it seemed unwanted, which […]

Australia – B&B – 1st Nov 2018

The discussion today at breakfast with an Italian policeman was long and interesting. Politics and refugee issues have made policing in Italy difficult, stressful and unpleasant to the extent that he has semi-retired. He wishes he could live inAustralia; he had the chance many years ago but it’s too late now. We are so blessed […]

AFRICA reprise – Natal – 20th Oct 2018 – Day 37

My last day in SA is unlike the last day in 1981. How can one feel sad for leaving a place that no longer exists? No, SA was certainly not perfect then, but its worse now in so many ways. Every town, city, beach, road, business, is deteriorating like rust on steel. I have been […]

AFRICA reprise – Natal – 19th Oct 2018 – Day 36

Brian took me on a walk around this place. It has accommodation for 443 couples/singles, probably covering 2 hectares or more. It is steep though! We had lunch at the café, I updated this on the free wifi, and then we drove to Uvongo and Shelly beaches to the north. The wind had picked up […]