AFRICA reprise – Natal – 20th Oct 2018 – Day 37

My last day in SA is unlike the last day in 1981. How can one feel sad for leaving a place that no longer exists? No, SA was certainly not perfect then, but its worse now in so many ways. Every town, city, beach, road, business, is deteriorating like rust on steel. I have been told this by so many, I have seen it, experienced it. Its largely due to corruption at middle to high levels as the average person is still pleasant and helpful, the guards, parks rangers, waiters. Poverty is rife for everyone. Black and white make a living of sorts as unofficial parking attendants, or toilet cleaners, at fuel stations, or ‘guides’ in the airport for tips. Sad to see it.
Brian, Yvonne, & I had a late breakfast on the patio, watching the many birds attracted by Brian’s feeders, before I left for Durban King Shaka airport. The highway makes it a quick easy 2hr drive across the rolling green hills of cane, bananas, and grass. On the right the blue ocean waves crash on the fine white sand. The Mango airline check-in woman was surprised to see two of me on the flight, as I had two seats owing to my concern about a one bag allowance.
OR Tambo airport (Johannesburg) is a maze of floors, ramps and gates which I found unclear. I had 1.5hrs to board so I found a seat away from the boarding lounge to write this.

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  1. Seeing people make a living as ‘attendants’ would be sad. A social welfare system like we have would never be affordable there.

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