AFRICA reprise – Natal – 18th Oct 2018 – Day 35

I am impressed with the Retirement Village in which Brian and Yvonne live. Completely enclosed by security, on a very large area on the old sand dune hills, heavily gardened ie big trees, lawn, flowers, bushes, paths between 2-bed homes, some flats, a frail-care building, cafe for meals if wanted, a large library, post office, chapel, large pool. Its like a resort. Because of the hills, it can be a problem for some to walk it, but you are not in someones face either, in the separate homes.

We drove south stopping at various beaches, and a coffee farm/cafe for lunch. Brian bought a coffee anytime pass, so we could taste the 8 flavours they sell, some blended with Brazilian or Ugandan coffee. I had a ¼ cup of each and bought a packet of the mild blended coffee – the dark roast was just too strong and bitter. We also had a tour of the process, from the seed to the product. The ‘bean’ is actually a berry, a thin sweet external skin and flesh, covering the larger seed. When ripe, they are hand picked, run through a mill to separate the skin from the seed. That is dried (sun and in driers). The external is used for gin or composted. The seed is then roasted in a furnace; mild is less roasted.

The evening I drove 9km to Spurs; similar to any steak house with an American décor. 

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