AFRICA reprise The Western Cape – 8th Oct 2018 – Day 25

One can easily spend a week around Cape Town visiting the beautiful neat wineries, white gabled homes set against the high mountains, the cableway up the mountain, Ronde osch Botanic Gardens, places in the city, walking trails up some mountains   I chose to drive the circuit to Muizenberg, stopping at the penguins, Cape Point, stopping at the boulders, and finishing on Table Mountain. Ambitious, especially for photographers!

Muizenberg is a popular beach town at the foot of the mountains and the edge of the  sandy Cape Flats separating the peninsula range from the main ranges 20km inland, effectively an island. The beach is long and flat, tides small making it safe. The most interesting for us is the long row of brightly painted beach huts. I met a guy carying a sand pump to capture shrimps     

The fairy penguins live on a protected rocky beach a few km after Muzinberg. The main part requires entry payment but a path heading west also offers views.

The Point is not the southernmost of Africa; Cape Agulas to the east is. But that doesnt matter as here one can sometimes see the meeting of the cold Atlantic and warmer 

Indian oceans from the lighthouse on the peak high above. It is exposed to the strong winds so the park is covered by low fynbos, flowering at present. This vegetation is related to that of Western Australia and the number of species is also high. This big tourist sight is catered for by a restaurant and numerous paths  up and around the lighthouse as well as a funicular as it is steep. The combination of small flowering plants against the sandstone rocks makes a pleasant though strenuous walk. 

Heading back toward Cape Town on the west side, we drove on the engieering feat, the Chapmans Peak road clinging to the sandstone cliff on the top of the granite.  Several ppints provide parking to see the toad curving along the face of the Apostlles high above the sea. 

The Boulders is a small picnic area at the foot of the mountains. Trees and bushes grow between the huge granite rocks, which also offer a different view of The Apostles. We had planned to shoot here at sunset but time was running out so we did some photos and left for Table Mt. 

as it was late, the cableway was not very busy. The cars rotate on the way so everyone gets a view of the city below. One can climb up several paths or the rock face using ropes. The top is rocky of course, but paths have been made over most of this narrow part afprding views north west and south-east. Like the peninsula, the plants are low due to the extreme climate. Two guys rested after a rope climb looking out of place with their hard hats, ropes and scruffy appearance. Its evident that the mountain is popular for cycling, running and hiking too. We stayed till the last cage down at 6 for sunset on Lions Head and were rewarded with a fiery red against a blue sky and white clouds which crept in covering much of the urban area. 

After another meal at the V&A we found thelifts in our building were out. We had to climb 6 double height floors so we  dont lpok forward to taking our bags all the way down. 

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