AFRICA reprise- Botswana – 28th Sept 2018 – Day 15

Left at 6 with Brian, a fund of information. We saw only 3 elephants at the fence. Stopped to help a car towing a heavy trailer, and a tyre spiked. And spare also useless – Africa.

The thorn trees a big and lovely almost like a parkland.

Not far from the south gate of Moremi Reserve is a waterhole; there we found a delightful small herd of elephant in the shade of large trees, watching a pack of painted dogs also in shade, which they would occasionally chase..

Notes: Sable are endangered

Horns of dead animals are bored by a moth lava that makes a ‘ringlet’.

The most beautiful area is Xakanaxa – huge trees, water, green grass. Elephants, vervet monkeys, long tail starlings.

Lunch was at an old airstrip, near the 3rd (pole) bridge check-in gate and camp ground. I hoped it was the one we were at in 1988, but it isn’t. Nor is 4th bridge which we crossed later. We saw elephant, ostrich, lechwe, warthogs up close, and zebra on the way to the boat station. The road from 3rd bridge is terrible, the 4WD had to wade and lurch through deep sand for 2 hours at about 10kph; I was thrown side to side continuously, and reaching the boat station was a great relief. As was the 30minute motor boat ride through the reeds to the island camp. On the way we saw the lechwe again, one just meters away, and lots of birds but none photographed.

The camp is minimalistic. A small tent, bucket shower and chemical toilet in an open top space, 12v power so lights are dim. And its hot, even under the massive sausage trees.

Ailine & David arrived an hour after me, having also travelled the bad road from 3rd bridge. We were the only guests tonight. Sam took us a short distance from the camp where we had a drink to watch the red ball sun sink into cloud. All staff are Botswana and the food is amazing, especially bread.

3 thoughts on “AFRICA reprise- Botswana – 28th Sept 2018 – Day 15

  • October 4, 2018 at 7:39 am

    Thick sand at only 10kmph for 2 hours?! I’m amazed the engines last. I remember when we got caught like that our 4WD overheated and we were sitting ducks!

    You must have had dreams about ice water. Couldn’t bear that heat.

    • October 16, 2018 at 6:31 am

      Its hard on machines though they seem to be ok

  • October 5, 2018 at 5:29 pm

    The camp sounds SO basic! Not my cup of tea ☕️


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